Rapid Resolution Therapy - Clear, Resolve, Transform

Rapid Resolution Therapy®  is an innovative therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Jon Connelly. I am a Certified Rapid Resolution Therapist (CRRT). It is a fast, effective treatment for many of life's problems, including:

Post-Traumatic Stress
Panic Attacks

Low Self-esteem
Substance Addiction/Dependency
Self-destructive Behaviors


If you have been stuck and unable to successfully change your feelings, thoughts or behaviors it is likely that you are being affected by experiences from your past. Sometimes traumatic experiences are remembered but often they are forgotten.


When something is painful or disturbing it slams into awareness and leaves a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished, deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the disturbing event is still occurring. This may affect emotions, thinking, relationships, behavior and even health. Rapid Resolution Therapy® eliminates the negative effect from painful or confusing events whether experiences are remembered, repressed or forgotten.


The subconscious controls emotions, desires, memory, habits, thoughts, dreams, and automatic responses. One may consciously understand the value of eliminating problematic emotions, thoughts or behaviors but unless the subconscious mind is reached, enduring change is unlikely. By engaging the subconscious mind and eliminating the ongoing influence from troubling past events change becomes automatic and ongoing. Negative habits and painful emotions are replaced by positive actions and feelings of well-being.


We’ll meet for one longer-than-normal session (~3 hours).  Then follow-up with a scheduled phone call to check in and assess progress.  In general only one session is needed to eliminate the targeted emotion/issue, but there are some issues that tend to need a couple more sessions to fully lock-in the looked for changes.  This service is not covered by insurance companies at this time.

For more information about RRT or to schedule an RRT session, call and ask for a 15 minute phone call appointment with Jean.